How do you know if your message has landed?

There are a few ways to tell if your message has been effective or not!


Your audience is taking the action you asked them to

Your messaging should always include a clear call to action. And if it’s an action you can track, like signing a petition, this can be the easiest way to see if your message is having the desired effect.

Your audience received your message

Sometimes you can’t tell if your audience took action after being exposed to your message. So you have to first consider whether they received the message or not. For example, you can use a social media platform’s free analytics to see the number of times users saw your post. These are known as “impressions.” Or you may be using email to correspond with an adult audience, because email is their preferred mode of communication. If so, check to see if any bounced back due to wrong email addresses or inactive accounts and check the notifications to see if people have opened it.

Your audience engaged with your message

It’s quick to gauge how well your message is doing on social media. Are people liking and sharing your content? Many of the social media platforms have free analytical tools that can give you plenty of insights too. Don’t be down if your initial numbers are low. It takes time to build up a following. Also, try posting at different moments of the day to see what time performs best.

Lastly, feel free to experiment. Try out different post lengths and tone of voices, and add graphs and charts, emojis, and other things you can think of. You can use what you learn to better understand your audience’s preferences and better tailor your messages in the future.