What makes a compelling story?


Storytelling is a powerful way to get your message across. But what makes a compelling story?

Firstly, with advocacy, a story doesn’t have to be made-up. In fact, the opposite is better. The story you tell your audience should be rooted in the truth; never make the facts up or exaggerate to fit your narrative..

Facts and research from credible recent surveys and reports are powerful tools to help tell your story and will bolster your argument. Graphs and charts can also help bring numbers to life.

Some of your audience might be more swayed by the story of those impacted by the issue you’re focusing on. The more personal the story, the better, as it will create more of an emotional connection. The story can be about something that’s happened to you or someone you know. Just make sure you have their permission before sharing it!

The problem or challenge in the story you tell should be clear. And when possible, provide ways in which the audience can help the issue or problem.