How research helps


Research will help you understand your cause

When taking on a cause, you’ll need to research the issue inside and out so that you understand it fully. You’ll need to know the scope of the problem, its history or historical context, who the main players are and what they’ve been saying, and any recent studies or reports. To inspire others into action, you need to be an expert on the issue and someone who speaks from authority. This is also important so that you anticipate questions or challenges from those who may oppose your cause.

Research helps create sustainable change

Knowing the full facts will help get to the root cause of a problem and create long-lasting change. You’ll want to research both sides of the issue, the history and background, when it started, how it’s changed over the years and who has the power to make an impact. You’ll also want to check whether the issue is regulated by laws that need to be changed, whether people need to change their behaviors and attitudes, and whether new laws or policies are needed to make sure the problem doesn’t return.