Why start a petition?


A petition is a great way to request that a government department, institution, business, etc. take a specific action. Petitions are particularly useful in showing decision-makers that a large number of people support your cause.

How to present a petition to the right people

After you’ve created your petition and gathered signatures, it’s time to deliver it to the decision-maker. You can deliver your petition via mail, email or in person. But if you can manage it, the most effective way is to meet them in-person in a pre-arranged meeting.

Another option is to try and hold a news conference for the local media as you drop off the petition. But getting the media’s attention can be very difficult, so don’t get discouraged if you get no response from the media. Also, if you don’t get a response from the subject of your petition, be prepared to follow up with an email, phone call or meeting.